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No Harmful Emissions

No Black Carbon fumes

Soothing Fragrance

Up to 40* minutes burn-time

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Aroincense users are excited! And they have a lot to share. Here are a few HAPPY testimonials.

Diwali Lights
Shivani Singh Gurgaon

"Tried all the fragrances! Must say, I was blown away by the longevity and the uniqueness of the fragrances. Kudos on introducing me to Aroincense."

— Shivani Singh, Gurgaon

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“I love to light up an Aroincense dhoop at home in the morning and evening. The aroma just makes the space feel so peaceful.”

Shrutika Agarwal, Mathura

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"Every dhoop stick fragrance like Chandan, Rose, Lavender & Pineapple are so unique that they make our home feel heavenly!"

Pravin Wagh, Mumbai

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“Pineapple try kiya. Purey 3BHK mein Khushboo ho gai thi..loved it.”

Shivam Maheshwari, Gurgaon

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Teji Parag Bakshi.jpg

"Received the Chandan & Rose fragrances as promised. Very good packaging and fragrance even though I just opened the container! And even better when I lit up the dhoop sticks."

Teji Bakshi, Pune

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“I ordered 2 fragrances and they were so good, that I ordered another 2 fragrances. Can't get over the fragrance and aura!”

Sabyasachi Mohanty, Mumbai

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"The ROSE, MOGRA & CHANDAN fragrances that we ordered arrived on time and all 3 fragrances are so good! We are extremely happy we got to know about Aroincense!"

Tuhin Dey & Family, Gurgaon

Tuhi Dey Gurgaon.jpeg
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“Ordered Chandan & Guggal. Different, unique & long-lasting fragrance. Special samples of rest of fragrances were also part of delivered order. Keep up the good work team Aroincense!”

Sameer Chopra, Amritsar

Ankit Kapoor Delhi.jpeg

"One word as a consumer: SUPERB! Mind blowing product. It’s fragrance is mind-refreshing. Product was delivered on time and that too with a free sample of other fragrances. Very good gesture. I am happy!"

Ankit Kapoor, Delhi

Kanika Wadhwa Noida.jpeg
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“I ordered the Rose fragrance of Aroincense. What a superb fragrance and longevity of smell! My whole room smells so good now.”

Kanika Wadhwa, Noida


Established in 2004, the company started manufacturing for premium brands as their Original Incense Manufacturer. We are now introducing our own line of Dhoop Sticks called AROINCENSE with six enchanting fragrances. Apart from these six unique fragrances, twelve more fragrances will be introduced very soon.



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